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Why goals are important Setting clear goals/objectives is one of the most important activities when approaching any form of marketing for social media success. Otherwise, you have no way of measuring the success of your campaign. Imagine running a race without knowing if there is a finish line, you are not going to know how […]
For customers nowadays, it can be challenging to find the right dentist – for dentists, it’s just as tricky getting patients in! Here are some smart marketing tips for your practice to consider: 1. Social Media Ads What’s most challenging is managing to spread the word about your practice. Using social media requires you to […]
There are some things on LinkedIn that you just shouldn’t do, it’s not the place to be posting your party photos or leaving ‘what I just had for lunch’ status’! LinkedIn is a professional social networking site for professionals, some people seem to forget that sometimes, and then wonder why they can’t generate any leads […]
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