Business Broadband


Take an internet speed test

There are programs available online that will test your internet speed for you for free. We recommend trying a few different tests to see if the results are consistent.

Check with your provider that you are getting the speed you pay for. 

Update your software

Updating your software and uninstalling anything you don’t use can really boost the speed of your computer and free up the processor to deal with your internet activity. Make sure to use good anti-virus software as well. 

Install Fibre Optic Cables

Compared to wired cables, fibre optic cables provide higher bandwidth and can transmit data over longer distances.

Install fibre optic cables in your home or business for the fastest possible data transmission. Fibre optic cables give the best upload and download speeds, increased bandwidth and better coverage over larger distances. 

Switch Providers

With so much competition, internet providers are constantly upping their game and giving their customers better deals. Negotiate a better deal with your provider or shop around for something better. 

Move your router or computer

Moving your router or computer around can really make a big difference to the strength of your wifi signal. Test out various positions and see if it improves. If you have had your router for a while call up your provider and ask for a new one.